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The Clinical Ageing Research Unit is staffed by a team of experienced and well-qualified research nurses and research professionals who are trained to Good Clinical Practice standards.corridor to all of our rooms

We provide support for clinical trials with our experienced research team including nurses, trials coordinator and data managers from set up to closedown of the studies.

The CARU team has outstanding clinical knowledge of neurodegenerative disorders and extensive experience in delivering studies in elderly people and people with neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases.

The CARU team has Certified Raters for movement assessment scales (Movement Disorder Society, Bracket, etc) and multi-cognitive testing rating scales. They are trained to perform bone density assessment using DEXA scanner.

The Gait Team has an international reputation in leading and delivering research in clinical, neurophysiological and neurochemical measurements of gait, as well as the development and standardisation of gait measurement endpoints using digital technologies. The Gait Laboratory is supported by a team of highly skilled staff covering a range of disciplines (biomechanists, physiotherapists, biomedical engineers) and expertise (protocol design, analytical techniques, feature extraction, data interpretation).

Additionally, the interdisciplinary team of world-class physicists, engineers, bioscientists, clinical researchers and research radiographers of the Centre for In-Vivo Imaging (CIVI) provides clinical, scientific and technical expertise in the delivery of multi-modal advanced imaging research capabilities for clinical studies.

We have a host of facilities including consulting and assessment rooms with other supporting facilities. We also have a number of other specialist facilities:

  • Human Movement Laboratory – dedicated to the investigation of gait, balance and mobility in older people
  • Visual Perception Laboratory – custom-built, state-of-the-art visual perception laboratory
  • Centre for In Vivo imaging – state-of-the-art imaging centre for biomedical research and biomarker development

General Clinical Facilities

    • welcoming and relaxing reception area for patients
    • day-case assessment rooms
    • fully-equipped consulting rooms
    • procedure room for minor procedures
    • interview rooms for conducting assessments and testing
    • blood sample preparation room with -80°C, -20°C freezers and refrigerated centrifuge
    • drug storage and dispensing
    • Our staff are fully trained to IATA regulations in the collection & handling of biological materials.

Human Movement Laboratory

The human movement laboratory is dedicated to the investigation of gait, balance and mobility in older people.

The laboratory has links with the research themes of the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre which aims to meet the growing needs of the older population through world-class research in ageing and long-term conditions.

Using our technologies, investigators are able to test hypotheses related to kinematics, kinetics, motor control strategies, and therapeutic interventions associated with both normal and pathological movement dysfunction.

This facility also supports the key aims of CARU to develop early assessment and intervention strategies (covering pharmacological, surgical and rehabilitation) for optimised diagnosis and early targeted treatment.

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • 14-camera BONITA motion capture system (Vicon)
  • 10-camera MX3+ 3D motion capture system (Vicon)
  • Three floor-mounted AMTI force plates which measure reaction forces in 3 dimensions
  • Two high speed video cameras capture movement in two dimensions and handheld camcorders
  • Seven meter instrumented walkway (GAITRite)
  • Eight channel wireless system for collecting muscle activity data (EMG)
  • Wireless eye-tracking system (Dikablis)
  • Microsoft Kinect sensor
  • Exercise treadmill
  • Rehabilitation stairs
  • Crash mats
  • Axivity light-weight 3D body-worn accelerometers
  • APDM wireless body-worn motion analysis system with integrated accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers.

Visual Perception Laboratory

This custom-built, visual perception laboratory allows researchers from a wide variety of clinical specialties to carry out visual system research. Facilities include:

  • eye charts used in standard eye tests
  • complex measurements of pupil responses to light stimuli
  • microscopes allowing examination of the retina
  • cameras that can record and track eye movements