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Patients, Public Involvement and Engagement

Taking part in a clinical research study is an important decision. The information in this section will help you understand more about the research we do and how volunteers are involved.

Clinical research aims to answer a particular health-related question. There are many different types of clinical research:

  • some will collect information from medical notesCRF RVI, research nurse seeing a patient
  • others will involve taking a new medicine
  • and some will take measurements and collect samples

We run lots of different studies at the NCRF so we have lots of experience with different tests and sample collection.

You are directly affected by our work, and we are publicly funded through the NIHR, it is vitally important that everyone has a say in what work we undertake and how the research is conducted.

Without public volunteers giving up their time, it would not be possible for us to find ways to improve healthcare.

For more information please contact our PPIE Manager – Kasia

NCRF PPIEP Development Strategy 2022-2023


At our recent event researchers from the facilities talked about the important clinical research taking place in Newcastle during the COVID-19 Pandemic both in the hospital and University facilities.

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